Three-day special education workshop for teachers

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EIGHT teachers are attending an ongoing three-day workshop on Structured Learning Approach (SLA), to understand how to support their students having difficulty in carrying out typical tasks in the classroom.

The training workshop is organised by the Special Needs Support Services Section (SNSS) under the Special Education Unit (SEU).

According to the SEU, the first two training workshops for the six primary and two secondary school teachers conducted were held on March 7 and 8 respectively.

The third workshop is slated to be held on April 20.

Apart from learning what SLA is, the SEU said another objective of the workshops is to give the teachers the opportunity to share their experiences of what works for the student at their school.

On the first day of the training, teachers were given a comprehensive overview of SLA, while day two saw the teachers developing their own resources.

On April 20, teachers are expected to carry out a brief sharing session on the use of SLA with their students and discuss what actually works for their students.

“This approach is valuable for students with special needs particularly for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) whom have difficulty in understanding what they are expected to do during an activity or throughout the day,” the SEU said in a statement.

“Through this training workshop, teachers will have a greater understanding on how to support students with special needs especially on teaching them to follow and be more familiar with school routines,” the statement pointed out.

The SEU said when teachers use physical layout in a structured learning approach, they are essentially preparing the students with a prearranged setting, whereas the use of visual schedules assists students by outlining what they are expected to do during activities and throughout the day.

Teachers have been advised to use more pictures as this may help the students better understand what tasks they are supposed to carry out in an activity.

Upon completing the workshop, a certificate of completion will be presented to all participants. The SEU said it is hoped that teachers will continue to use this approach to achieve the desired outcome for students with special needs.

The Brunei Times