Government crackdown on errant heavy vehicle operations net 14 violators

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THE Land Transport Department (LTD) conducted an operation yesterday to identify heavy and commercial vehicles in violation of Motor Transport Licensing Authority (MTLA) regulations.

Baha Hj Jamahat, head of road safety and enforcement at the LTD, said the department conducted the operation at the Serasa Industrial Site to screen vehicles operating in the area.

Drivers of suspicious-looking vehicles were escorted to the enforcement unit at the old LTD headquarters in Gadong so their vehicles could be further inspected.

He said the department conducted stakeouts at the Serasa Industrial Site last week and found a number of heavy vehicles parked on roadsides in the area.

This is illegal, he said, as heavy vehicles have designated areas where they can park.

The operation saw 10 trailers and four trucks being impounded mostly because they lacked license plates or vehicle identification numbers (VINs).

“There were some vehicles whose VINs were different than what’s stated in the system while there were also some that shared the same license plates, (and) this is confusing, (so) we have to investigate further on these incidents,” he said.

He went on to say that some of the heavy vehicle operators also failed to provide the authorities with certificates of fitness showing they were qualified to operate heavy vehicles.

“These certificates are important. Some of these operators leave them at home or at the office, (but) the certificate must remain in the vehicle at all times in case of operations like these.

“This operation acts as a reminder and a stern warning to transport operators to adhere to the rules outlined by the MTLA,” added Baha.The Brunei Times