NCB warns students on dangers of drugs

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A Narcotics Control Bureau officer yesterday gave a talk to first-year students of Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) on the dangers of drugs.

Speaking at UNISSA’s Jubilee Hall, Eve Sulrianah Sulaiman, assistant narcotics officer II of the NCB’s Drug Preventive Education Division, said the tactics used by international syndicates were creatively done through websites or social media and included enticing job offers with a salary of US$1,500 to US$5,000 and travel to other countries for free.

Eve Sulrianah said if a Bruneian was arrested for drug-related offenses abroad, they would face trial in accordance with the laws of that country.

In Brunei, she said, anyone found guilty of distributing more than 50 grams of drugs could face death by hanging.

The talk also touched on issues pertaining to the dangers of drug abuse, the types of drugs misused in Brunei such as methylamphetamine, marijuana and ecstasy and the effects of using them.

“Drugs can’t solve one’s problems and could even make the situation worse,” she said on the sidelines of the event.

She called on the students to be careful around people who influence others by offering illegal drugs for free.

“They may say that it will relieve your stress, your problems, but this is dangerous,” she said.

The NCB recorded a total of 639 drug trafficking and drug abuse arrests last year. In 2014, the NCB recorded 610 drug abuse arrests.

Organised by UNISSA’s Centre for the Promotion of Knowledge and Languages, the event was attended by more than 180 first-year students. It also featured a question and answer session.

A statement provided at the event said the misuse of drugs has proven to be the main social problem in Brunei.

UNISSA said that through the talk, it’s hoped the students will be well-informed on the types of drugs that are misused in the country, how they affect the body and the punishments for drug offenses.

The Brunei Times