Man gets 9 months for stealing birds, tablet

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An unemployed local was sentenced to nine months in prison yesterday at the Magistrates’ Court for stealing five pet birds and a tablet computer.

Ak Saiful Nizam Pg Metassan, 34, had entered the compound of a house in RPN Kg Rimba in the early morning hours of October 30, 2014 and stole a bird cage containing three bebe birds and two cockatiels.

The cockatiels were particularly valuable, having cost the owner $500 for the pair. The bebe birds had cost $18 each.

The defendant had targeted the house specifically as he had been there before on two previous occasions to sell a cat and a bird and knew the house contained the valuable birds.

In a separate incident, the defendant had stolen an iPad Mini three days ago from a shop in Kg Sg Hanching belonging to one of the shop’s workers.

A friend of the defendant had distracted the worker by entering the shop, causing the worker to leave her iPad Mini behind in a back room in order to attend to the friend.

The defendant then entered the room through a back door and stole the iPad Mini and left.

The defendant is a repeat offender, having been previously convicted of an unspecified offence.

The Brunei Times