Jerudong Beach vendors seek more ‘open market’

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VEGETABLE and fruits vendors who were asked to be moved by authorities from selling in unauthorised spaces are requesting for a more open market than the existing closed one located at Jerudong Beach.

The vendors interviewed clarified that this does not necessarily mean a whole new market altogether — incurring large government expenses — but a renovation of the existing one with fewer walls.

Latifah Hj Ibrahim, 55, said there have been some talk between vendors and the district office for improving the site.

“I just hope they take our ideas so such a problem doesn’t occur in the future,” she said, referring to a construction of a market that could potentially be unused.

“Tutong’s Tamu Serambangun is very feasible and very open for customers to have good visibility of what each vendor is selling,” she said.

She added that the range of produce she is selling is much less as she had to stop selling leafy vegetables because of poor shelf life as customers opt to buy leafy vegetables from stalls nearer to the entrance

"I used to sell kang kong (chinese concolvulus) and bayam (spinach) but now I am forced to sell only gourds and vegetables because they last longer on display," she said.

Hj Rasid hj Musa said that the walls significantly eliminate sufficient airflow for ventilation as well as retain humidity in the market building.

“The walls here block out the ventilation which is one of the main reasons why customers do not come in,” 46-year-old Hj Rasid Hj Musa said.

With a more open market, he also suggested that adequate blinds be installed to block out sun to reduce sunlight coming into the market and raising temperatures

“I used to make up to $200 per day outside, now I only make $40,” the retired army personnel said, adding that most of his customers are who have been regularly buying from him.

Located further at the back of the market, Ng Huat Seng, 64, said that he makes up to $40-60 per day and occasionally he makes no sales at all.

He said that when he joined the other vendors previously selling in the areas that are now restricted, he earned up to $100 per day.

The Brunei Times