Be an asset to your country,cub Scouts told

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THE 4th Brunei Darussalam Cubboree officially ended yesterday with a closing ceremony near the National Scout Training and Activity Centre in Gadong.

In a speech, Hjh Noraini Hj Saidi, Scouts Headquarters Commissioner of the Cub Scouts Section, said she hoped the participants would become citizens who are assets to themselves, their religion, family and community.

The theme of this year’s cubboree was ‘Bermula Dari Kami’ (Starts From Us) and was chosen to convey that a scout member must start off as a cub scout before becoming an excellent leader and that a successful adult can be developed from a child trained as a cub scout.

Hjh Noraini also commended the participants for showing determination in facing the challenges throughout the jamboree.

She highlighted that various activities were organised to challenge them mentally, physically and emotionally.

These activities involved seven categories which included the ‘Challenges Valley’ activity, cub scout skills, creative art, cultural activities, Scout games and educational visits to the Royal Brunei Navy in Muara, Royal Brunei Land Force in Penanjong Garrison and Royal Brunei Air Force in Rimba.

Participants were also taken on a tour to the Royal Regalia Building, Malay Technology Museum and the Marine Museum.

“The educational visits engaged the interest of all the participants as well as their leaders who accompanied them, and I believe that the participants were able to see for themselves how our security forces are always prepared with their weaponry to defend our beloved country.

“I also believe that there are already some participants who have developed ambitions and an interest in joining our security forces one day, Insyallah. Perhaps one of our participants will one day take up the role of commanding our country’s armed forces,” Hjh Noraini said. As a mark of achievement for completing all the activities during the jamboree, participants received the ‘Anugerah Lencana Pelanduk’ (Mousedeer badge award).

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