Bruneians in Brussels safe after blasts

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ALL 22 Bruneians in Brussels are safe following multiple explosions in the Belgian capital that killed at least 20 people yesterday.

In a phone interview, Charge D’affaires of Brunei Embassy in Belgium Siti Syazwana Harun said the embassy has contacted and accounted for all 22 Bruneians in Brussels, including 12 embassy staff and their families and seven Bruneians residing in the Belgian capital.

The official advised all Bruneians in the country to remain vigilant and avoid any of the affected areas.

News reports stated that Brussels was in a lockdown after three explosions, two in Brussels airport and another at a metro station.

Siti Syazwana also advised any Bruneians travelling to Belgium to provide their contact details to the embassy at 0032473785603 or email, but recommends Bruneians postpone their trip.

The Brunei Times