Labi residents visit Miri longhouse

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THE Jarek longhouse in Miri received its first visit from a Bruneian delegation when the women's bureau of the Mendaram Besar longhouse from Labi made the trip across the border last weekend.

The 54-person delegation from Mendaram - located in inner, rural Belait - were led by their longhouse head Berandi Anak Jamau and the head of the women's bureau Hensona Munah for the day visit.

Hensona said the cordial introductions made last Saturday found the cultural similarities between both longhouses, and paved the way for collaboration in arts and handicrafts.

“They (the Jarek longhouse) told us that they were keen to visit us in the future, and see how we do our handicrafts as well as how we operate our homestay for tourists,” said Hansona.

While both longhouses earn revenue from selling handicrafts, Mendaram has also commercialised homestays and visits from members of the public in a bid to boost tourism in the area that is about an hour's drive from the main road in Sg Liang.

Hansona added that delegations from the British Garrison in Seria and students from Curtin University in Miri were expected to visit Mendaram in the upcoming weeks.

The head of Jarek's long house Jarek Kelambu, Lambir's assemblyman Ripin Lamat and the leader of Miri's Iban community Wilson Siang Lim were present to greet the Mendaram delegation last weekend.

The Brunei Times