Indonesian jailed for illegal entry

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A MAN who claimed to be an Indonesian national was sentenced to serve three months and three strokes of the cane yesterday after he admitted to entering Brunei without a valid pass.

The court document stated that on March 11 this year, at about 7.45am, the defendant, Karel Duly, 41, was arrested at Simpang Melayan Labi, Ulu Belait, by officers from the Labi police station.

During investigations by the police, it was revealed that Karel entered Brunei without valid documents.

On March 12, Karel was surrendered before the Immigration Enforcement Section in Kuala Belait for further Investigation.

During investigations, Karel in his statement said that he first entered Brunei some time in February this year. He entered Junjungan Brunei from Kampung Gadong, Limbang, by foot.

Karel’s purpose for entering the Sultanate was to find sandalwood in Brunei’s forest. According to the defendant, he was in the forest for three weeks.

Following the sentencing, the court has ordered Karel to serve the sentence with effect from the day when he was first remanded on March 12.The Brunei Times