Remittance service at post office more convenient for public

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SOME members of the public expressed support for the government’s plan to consider remittance services at post offices, saying the intention was convenient including its proximity to customers and the early working hours.

The plan was disclosed by Minister of Communications Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Hj Mustappa Hj Sirat on the sidelines of the 12th Legislative Council sitting recently, during which he said that the Postal Services Department will study the feasibility of working with banks to offer remittance services at post offices.

This was part of the ministry’s efforts to review and ensure the work of the department stay relevant, said YB Dato Hj Mustappa.

Most foreign workers employed in Brunei send money to other countries via banks or remittance companies. But they have yet to offer their services at the country’s post offices, which many of them are located near to neighbourhood areas.

When The Brunei Times talked to several people to get their views about the plan, Nurol Izzah Hj Saadi, who lives in Kg Manggis said that it would be very convenient for those who frequently send money overseas like her.

“For me, the idea is good because it will add the option for more places and I live close to a post office, too,” said Nurol, a supervisor at a convenient store.

Besides, she said the post office opens early at 8am.

This will allow people to have ample time to send the money before they go to work, rather than send the money in between lunch break as the average waiting time usually takes very long.


She said that every first week of the month, she helps her maid to send money back to Indonesia.

To do so, she will drive to a remittance company in one of the commercial buildings and has to wait in a long queue as many people also want to remit fund to their beneficiaries.


Khartini Mohd Hamir, a public servant, said that if the government will introduce remittance services at the post office, this will provide more proper alternatives to the customers.

Perhaps, some people only know few remittance companies, she said.

If such services will be offered at post offices in the future, they both hoped that customer-oriented service will be in place, including good exchange rate and inexpensive service fees.

In some remittance companies, the more the customers remit the fund, the more service fees will be charged to them. -Sally Piri

The Brunei Times