Kg Sungai Bunga homestay keen to attract more visitors

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KAMPUNG Sg Bunga’s homestay programme is seeking to attract more tourists from the Belait district, as it looks to build momentum after reaching an all-time high of 451 visitors last year.

Head of Kg Sg Bunga’s village consultative council's (MPK) economic bureau Zaini Hj Salleh yesterday said that a significant number of last year’s visitors came from Belait, and were keen to learn about the way of life of those who choose to live on the Brunei river.

“We are keen to grow the number of visitors this year, so drawing visitors from other districts is important,” said Zaini during his MPK visit to the mukim consultative council (MPM) of Seria yesterday.

The Seri Tanjung Homestay currently offers 15 homes where guests stay with a foster family, and another two houses which can be fully vacated for guests upon request.

Prices per night for the homestay vary, but the premium package which provides food and includes a “cultural and lifestyle” programme which features four village traditions, is priced at $135 per person.

The homestay has already seen 40 guests this month, including two French journalists and a delegation from Sabah, Malaysia.

“The homestay has brought a good name for the village, and given housewives and single mothers a chance to make some side income through cooking and showcasing our traditions,” said Zaini.

MPK Sg Bunga’s visit to Seria yesterday, their second to the Belait district in the past three years, was also aimed at increasing the collaboration between youth groups from both villages and mukims.

“We brought a delegation of 60, comprising mostly youths, so they could interact with the Belait youth groups here and share their experiences,” said Zaini.

In the future, partnerships between both MPK and MPM, could see Seria's youth performing in the capital to promote the mukim, while Sg Bunga youth would travel to Belait to showcase their culture.

As part of yesterday’s visit, MPM Seria put on a multi-ethnic performance which included martial art displays from MPM Seria’s Wushu group.

The Brunei Times