Man gets 18 months for threatening, propertydamage

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A man was yesterday sentenced to a total of 18 months in prison and two strokes of the cane for threatening people with kitchen knives and a machete in two incidents on the same day.The defendant, 26-year-old Mohd Abdul Muiz A Roslan, was sentenced to 16 months in prison and two strokes of the cane after admitting to threatening police officers with a pair of kitchen knives and damaging a police vehicle.

He also received a two-month sentence for using a machete to threaten another man on the same day.

During the proceedings, Mohd Abdul Muiz told the court that he was under the influence of drugs when he committed the offences. He also informed the court that he was released from Al-Islah Rehabilitation Centre sometime in March last year.

The court document submitted by Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohammad Danial DSP Hj Kifrawi stated that on February 28 this year around 9.30pm, Mohd Abdul Muiz went to a house in Kg Perpindahan Rimba to look for someone named Okki, who was living there.

When the defendant was greeted by Okki’s father, who told him that Okki wasn’t home, Mohd Abdul Muiz suddenly pulled out a machete and pointed it at the complainant’s face.

The complainant believed that Mohd Abdul Muiz was about to strike him with the machete, but a few moments later, the defendant left.

On the same day around midnight, an inspector and two police officers went to Mohd Abdul Muiz’s house to question him over the incident.

They entered the house after his father greeted them at the main door. Mohd Abdul Muiz, according to his father, was asleep in the living room.

After questioning Mohd Abdul Muiz, the police officers told him to follow them to Berakas Police Station for his statement to be recorded.

It was then that Mohd Abdul Muiz became aggravated and started raising his voice to the officers.

He ran to the kitchen, grabbed two kitchen knives and ran back to the living room.

Upon noticing that Mohd Abdul Muiz was armed with the knives, one in each hand, the police officers and the inspector ran out of the house through the main door as he chased after them.

One of the officers and the inspector managed to enter the police vehicle while the other officer managed to run away. Mohd Abdul Muiz caused damage to their car by throwing one of the kitchen knives at the windshield.

He then broke off one of the windshield wipers, and as the vehicle reversed, he managed to throw a brick toward the vehicle.

He was arrested on February 29 when officers found him near his house. He suffered injuries because he resisted arrest.

The Brunei Times