STPRI students fly to UK in pursuit of English literature

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A DELEGATION of ten students and four teachers from the Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Raja Isteri (STPRI) left for a two-week trip to the United Kingdom yesterday as part of their English literature studies.

The chief of the delegation, Hjh Seri Ainey Hj Shahri, said that it was important for the education of her students that they are physically exposed to the subject of their studies.

“The students will see for themselves the books that they are studying come to life because their studies will make more sense when they see a little of what they read,” she said.

“They will also learn other things such as the history of journalism and printing and I hope this trip will inspire them to pursue a career in literature-related fields as I have done,” she said.

Hjh Seri Ainey, who is the head of the English department at STPRI, said that the exposure to the world outside Brunei will be beneficial to the students in the long run.

“Reading and studiously learning about literature is good but to actually be there where the stories happen will teach them more than books ever can,” she said.

One of the students, 15-year-old Dk Noor Amal Shahirah Hazerah Pg Noor Aimalluddin Shah hopes that the trip will allow her to get a glimpse of the United Kingdom as she plans to further her education there in the future.

“I am definitely considering pursuing English literature even after my O-level examinations so trips like this one allows me to get an idea of what it would be like for me,” she said.

Another student on the trip, Nurilya Syamimi Muhd Nazirul, hoped that she will bring home valuable life skills.

“This will be my first time travelling without my parents so it is a good chance to learn how to be independent and learn to communicate better with people from all cultures around the world,” she said. During the trip, the students will also take part in workshops sponsored by the school and also visit several cities in both the United Kingdom and Netherlands that were significant to the lives of literary giants such as William Shakespeare and Jane Austen before returning to Brunei on March 31, 2016.

The Brunei Times