Setting up of matchmaking agency proposed

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A LEGISLATIVE Council (LegCo) member yesterday suggested the Ministry of Religious Affairs establish a “matchmaking unit” to help single men and women find their “right partner”.

Yang Berhormat Hj Tahamit Hj Nudin said a matchmaking agency would address the problem of single men and women marrying late.

During the 12th LegCo meeting yesterday, he said there was a decrease in opportunities for men and women to meet up, including family gatherings that could provide parents a chance to see the “good qualities” of their prospective in-laws.

YB Hj Tahamit raised concerns over the trend of marrying at a later age, which “might affect the fertility of men and women and cause them to produce unhealthy children, including those born with Down’s syndrome”.

The Brunei Times had previously reported that there was an increase in the number of patients seeking in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatments, with 22 patients recorded in 2014 compared to 30 in 2015.

Minister of Religious Affairs YB Pehin Udana Khatib Dato Paduka Seri Setia Ustaz Hj Awg Badaruddin Pengarah Dato Paduka Hj Awang Othman rejected the idea and suggestion, saying that finding the right partner should take its natural course.

He said society has become more open in contrast to the past, as men and women now have “direct access” with each another, making it easier for them to find their life partners.

“While it is now easy, as YB Hj Tahamit has mentioned, some may find their partners late, but I would say that it’s (not their time) to meet their partners yet.

“So should the role be undertaken by the government? I think we should not be too formal on personal matters such as these, it is appropriate to just pass this to the related parties and let it take its course naturally,” he added.

The Brunei Times