Council queries plans for Temburong

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THE sole Legislative Council (LegCo) member from Temburong called for the Ministry of Development to provide more facilities in the district.

Yang Berhormat Haji Sulaiman Haji Ahad yesterday directed a number of questions towards different departments under the Ministry of Development regarding the development of Temburong, mainly the Kg Rataie National Housing Scheme and the condition of roads of in the district.

He said that according to the master plan of the Kg Rataie National Housing Scheme, the Housing Development Department was to provide facilities that meet the needs of the residents including shopping complexes as well as a market. The village head of Kg Belingos also commented on the lack of parking spaces in Bangar Town and asked for a master plan for the town which will help solve the lack of parking space for residents as well as tour buses.

He also queried the Public Works Department (JKR) regarding the road conditions of the whole district which he pointed out was not well maintained and are over run with  tall grass.

The roads in Mukim Bukok and Mukim Amo in particular are troublesome, he said, as the roads have suffered a number of damages and needs immediate repair.

He added that the cleaning of drains along the roads should also be prioritised to prevent flash floods occurring especially in low lying areas. The LegCo member proceeded to question the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe) of the status of Batang Duri Park that has been closed to the public for more than four years.

“This park should have its own budget as it is a potential tourist destination for visitors inside and outside of the country,” he added.

YB Hj Sulaiman proposed that the management of the park should be given to the private sector to strengthen the Public Private Partnerships in the district.

“In the long-term I propose that the park should be improved to be on par with the Agro-Technology Park in Kg Tungku,” he said.  As of yesterday afternoon, questions by YB Hj Sulaiman have yet to be addressed by the development ministry.

The Brunei Times