UBD promotes Islam Aspiration Week

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UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam (UBD) launched its sixth Islam Aspiration Week event yesterday to disseminate Islamic knowledge to youth in Brunei.

Organised by the Executive of Religious and Spirituality clubs, the week-long event aims to create more awareness on Islam and the roles of Muslims in the society.

Religious officer from UBD Student Affairs Section, Ustazah Dk Siti Norainul Fathni Pg Hj Tajuddin, said the event aims to introduce the fundamental concepts of Islam and promote a deeper understanding of the religion.

Speaking on the sidelines of the launching ceremony, she said the event themed ‘The Unseen Garden’, would also give members of the public the opportunity to develop an interest in Islam.

“People will be able to know Islam at a deeper level. Islam teaches its people to be kind and respect, Islam does not judge, so non-Muslims and Muslims can get together and enquire about the religion,” said Ustazah Dk Siti, who is also the event’s head coordinator.

UBD student Dk Nurul Asyiqin Pg Ariffin, also a committee member who was manning a booth, said “the media tend to portray the religion in a way that makes it sound negative, but this is not the case”.

“The best way to prove to people that Islam is not what some media portray it to be is to show them. We want to show instead of tell. It starts from within,” she said.

Ak Md Abdul Matin Pg Ibnoh, who was running the solat (prayers) booth, said members of the public have been showing interest in learning about the daily prayers.

“The booth highlights the benefits of praying five times a day, sometimes as students we tend to prioritise other things and miss our prayers.

“Hopefully when visitors visit our booth, we can teach them the benefits of performing prayers, and the repercussions of intentionally leaving it behind,” he added.

The event has also attracted non-Muslim students. UBD third year student Toh Yee Von said the university should hold more events such as the Islam Aspiration Week as it could act as a platform for non-Muslim students to find out more about Islam.

“This kind of event can be a good way for non-Muslims who are curious to know about the religion. This is so non-Muslims can actually speak to people who practise the religion,” said the student.

“There’s no harm in learning about other people’s religion,” she added.

Present to launch the event was UBD Assistant Vice-chancellor Associate Professor Ayub Sadiq.

The Brunei Times