Jerudong vendors’ sales drop after order to move inside

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FRUIT and vegetable vendors at the Jerudong Beach market are seeing a dramatic decrease in their earnings after they were ordered to move back into designated stalls in the market’s building earlier this month.

The Brunei-Muara District informed the Jerudong Beach market vendors in a letter dated March 7 that they can only operate their stalls inside the building

According to a copy of a letter shown to The Brunei Times, the Brunei-Muara District Office stated that vendors are not allowed to set up stalls outside of the market’s building, including on the side of the road near the beach from March 10 onwards.

The letter was titled ‘Enforcement of Hygiene Issues and Regulations on Vendors of Jerudong Beach Market’.

However, a number of beach vendors were still seen operating their stalls by the roadside near the Jerudong Beach during the weekend.

Hadiah Milat said her earnings have dramatically decreased with only four to five dollars a day since she moved back to her stall inside the building.

The fruit vendor said when she would earn at least $20 a day when she sold her products outside of the building.

Vegetable vendor Hjh Simin Hj Khamis had a similar experience, attributing the humid and poorly ventilated building as the main reasons that customers are hesitant to enter building.

“If you look at this building, for one thing it is very dark and with the amount of products that we sell, it takes some space from the corridor, making the movement of customers limited.

“The building is very warm (so) it is not a comfortable environment to buy groceries,” added the 72-year-old.

Hj Suhai Hj Nordin, a vendor who sells rice, said this would be the fifth time that the vendors were ordered to move back to their stalls by the Brunei-Muara District Office.

He added that if the low earnings continue, the vendors will eventually set up their stalls outside of the building again.

“The authorities should monitor the beach vendors more closely, there are still some who are operating by the roadside even after the letter was issued.

“Because of them (beach vendors) customers would rather flock to their area because of the open space (but) it’s not fair because we are the ones who pay rent for our stalls,” added the 72-year-old.

When contacted yesterday, the Brunei-Muara District Office said it will comment on the matter at a later date.

The Brunei Times