Japanese students join foster families

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TWENTY students from Japan were assigned to foster families yesterday as part of the 10-day Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) 2015 programme.

In an interview, during a courtesy call to the Acting Deputy Director of Youth and Sports Pg Anak Sofian Pg Anak Hj Ibrahim at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium, Morihira Masato, head of the delegation, said the visit is an opportunity for the Niigata Pretectual Murakami Secondary Education School students to learn about the sultanate’s culture and at the same time promote a better understanding of Japan.

He said the students have been in the country since March 7, and that they have been learning about the country through visits and communication with the locals.

“Before our visit to Brunei, we didn’t have any information about Brunei. This is a great opportunity to widen our knowledge and understanding,” he said.

Masato added the visit was also able to develop the students’ maturity through the knowledge and understanding they gained.

He hopes the students will continue to benefit from the visit by taking the opportunity to create friendships with locals and by using the knowledge they gained to talk about Brunei when they get back to Japan.

Among others, the foster parents plan to bring the Japanese students to Bruneian weddings.

Mohd Sallih Hassan, one of the foster parents who plans to bring the students to a Bruneian wedding today, said the exposure to local weddings is a way for the students to see the country's culture.

“It may be a new experience for them to see a Bruneian wedding. After that, we will bring them sightseeing in the capital,” he said.

Another foster parent, Hjh Nurul Erne Azlina Hj Zainal, also said she will also bring them to her cousin’s wedding today to provide the students with the experience of Brunei culture.

After that, she plans to bring the students to her farm, followed by a trip to the city.The Brunei Times