SOAS Mosque to go dark again for Earth Hour

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THE Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin (SOAS) Mosque will continue to dim its light this year as the country’s official iconic landmark to observe the upcoming Earth Hour.

It was revealed during a press conference yesterday that the second landmark to support the cause, along with the SOAS Mosque, is the Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex.

This year’s global observation will focus on the “power of the individual” to address climate change, especially on forests and energy saving by creating discussion amongst community members on the country’s stance on climate change.

“This year we want to (highlight the) power of individuals (in the fight against) climate change,” said the Country Manager of Earth Hour in Brunei, Rimey Hj Osman.

“In Brunei Darussalam, our forests play an important role, not only to reduce natural disasters like floods and landslides, but also as a carbon sink to absorb carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. We see the rainforest and mangroves as one of the most important assets of this country. This can be coupled with reducing energy consumption which is a priority towards a more sustainable city,” said Rimey.

“Empowering, and inspiring our communities can turn climate change around, and even though we are just a small nation, our action can inspire other nations to do the same,” he said.

Brunei Earth Hour Ambassador Sheikh Jamaluddin Sheikh Mohammad said that Brunei has a lot to benefit from Earth Hour.

“It shows that we are trying our best to minimise the problem of climate change. I can see the support grow every year... It has been wonderful,” he said.

“This year will take us to another level with our new celebrity ambassador, Wu Chun,” said Sheikh Jamaluddin who has been the country ambassador since 2007.

Brunei joins 170 countries and 7,000 cities this year where Earth Hour is considered the universal platform that powers innovative, people-driven solutions to change climate change.

Brunei will observe Earth Hour on March 19 from 8.30pm to 9.30pm and members of the public are welcome to participate.

Interested individuals can get more information on Brunei’s participation in the global event via the website http;//

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