Man tastes success with chicken farm

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THOSE looking to start a business to earn a living must be disciplined and stop relying on the government before they can taste success, said the owner of poultry farm Syarikat Riza Fudhlana.

Pg Hj Haris Pg Hj Duraman said the economic crisis is “real”, making it more urgent to find other methods of earning an income instead of waiting for the government to offer jobs.

In a recent interview at his farm on Jln Bebatik Kulapis, he said going through struggles and mistakes is part of the learning process.

“Find those mistakes in the failures and conquer them. Find the solution to them and don’t repeat it. No one will help you, it is only up to you,” he said, adding that this goes with strong discipline.

The 57-year-old said failure is the moment when one gives up.

The chicken farm owner left his government job in 1986 to start his own business. Since then, he has been engaged in various types of businesses.

“During that time I only had a capital of $1,640 of which I invested in my company that provided electrical services. From there, I started making some profits of $1,000 per month which I put aside and didn’t touch.

“As time went on I realised that I needed another business. What if one day there would be no demand for it (electrical services) anymore? How will I feed my kids then?” he said.

Pg Hj Haris then started his construction company which focused on a wider scope of house works and not just electrical repairs.

“I decided to use the surplus of metal rods I had from my construction company on tents that I could rent out. From renting out tents came the idea in running a closed house system for a poultry farm,” he said.

Pg Hj Haris said he researched for months before investing money in the farm that started selling chickens in 2014.

Currently, he has four functioning chicken coops with each housing about 22,000 chickens per breeding cycle. One breeding cycle runs for 35 to 40 days before the chickens are slaughtered.

According to Pg Hj Haris, the chickens will go through six cycles per year with one coop able to produce 132,000 chickens per year and sold to local companies.

The poultry farmer said anyone who wish to learn about the chicken business can visit his farm located at Simpang 178, Jalan Bebatik Kulapis.

By 2018, the company plans to export its chicken meat as it expects higher production.

“Some of the viable countries for export include Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan and China. We will try to start exporting in 2018,” he said.

The Brunei Times