IBTE SVNR, MoRA, working on E-Cemetery Map project

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THE Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) Nakhoda Ragam Vocational School (SVNR) Campus is collaborating with the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) to produce geospatial data for an E-Cemetery Map, the school said in a statement.

Using the E-Cemetery map will help make finding graves easier.

Kg Terunjing and Kg Bayut Muslim cemetery in Mukim Berakas B will be digitally mapped using computer aided design and drafting techniques.

Eighteen final-year students who are studying for a BDTVEC Diploma in Geomatics from the Department of Built Environment Technology together with an instructor and a geomatics programme coordinator are part of the collaboration.

The collaboration is part of the students ‘Mapping Science II’ course.

The collaboration aims to expose students to real-life situations whereby theories learned in school are applied on-site. This will enhance their problem solving and technical skills, the statement said.

The students are required to use a topography map to collect, store, manipulate and spatially ‘geo-reference’ data and display information.

“Attribute data of the cemetery which includes the names and addresses of the deceased, dates of birth, dates of death, causes of death, citizenship and grave numbers are essentials for students to take note of,” the statement added.

In order to create a digital map of the graveyard, students need to measure the length and width of each tomb and the distance between one tomb to another.The Brunei Times