Squid samples formaldehyde-free

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SQUID samples collected from Pasar Gadong on March 6 were found free of formaldehyde contamination, according to a statement from the Fisheries Department under the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism yesterday.

The samples were collected two days after a consumer post a complaint on social media of an alleged formaldehyde (a type of preservative) contamination.

Samples were collected from the seller where the consumer bought the squid from as well as other vendors. The Agrifood Safety Division then analysed the samples for the presence of formaldehyde.

“The analysis found no formaldehyde contamination on the samples of squid collected from Gadong market on Sunday, March 6.

However, the ministry will work with the government agencies concerned to further investigate this matter,” the statement said.

The statement added that the department constantly monitor and analyse samples of fish or shrimp sold to the public at the markets, supermarkets and from breeding ponds for formaldehyde, heavy metals, red tide, antibiotics and others that could endanger public health.

The department will seize and destroy all fish and shrimp produce from the batch of tainted samples if found contaminated.

Under the Public Health (Food) Act Chapter 182, it is an offence to prepare, sell or import any injurious to health, unfit for human consumption or is adulterated.

On the conviction for an offence against this Act, the penalty is a fine or five years imprisonment or both. Their licence to manufacture, sale or distribute may also be suspended.

The department urged the public to report any case of suspected contamination by providing information on where they bought the product, and contact the department as soon as possible at 2770066 (during office hours) or 7297771 (Fisheries Department hotline).

The Brunei Times