‘Positive thinking is a sign of a believer’

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Muslims were told to have a positive outlook and to refrain from any negative thoughts even when faced with the trials and tribulations of life.

Imams said during yesterday’s Friday sermon that Muslims shouldn’t lose hope easily but remain steadfast and avoid suspicion and negativity.

This is because facing challenges and tribulations are natural and common in one’s life.

“They are also tests from Allah SWT to determine who among His servants are the best in their worship on earth,” said imams.

The imams cited wisdom from Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jalani, a well-known scholar, that exemplified the mindset of a positive thinking Muslim.

“If you meet someone, be convinced that he is better than you. Say in your heart: ‘Maybe his position with Allah SWT is far better and higher than mine’.”

The imams went on to say that the Prophet (SAW) praised an ummah who was positive thinking, adding that it was the attitude and characteristic of a true believer.

They said that having bad opinions or negative thoughts can hinder good relationships among men as it can give rise to various problems that stem from envy and jealousy.

Envy, for example, causes a person to be unhappy with the success of others even though they may be a neighbour or a colleague.

“This may in turn give rise to disagreements and trials that in the end break kinship ties among man. Having a bad opinion may also drive someone to behave inhumanely to the extent that he may even commit mischief, or even worse, crime,” imams warned.

Muslims were reminded to remove bad thoughts and suspicions within themselves by making plenty of istighfar (seeking of forgiveness) and repent to the Almighty as man is never free from committing mistakes and sins.

“If each and every one of us were to live a life of positive thinking and open-mindedness and be more accepting of things, Insya’Allah we will be able to face all the problems in our daily lives calmly and easily,” said imams.

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