Malay Technology Museum attracts foreign tourists

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MORE than half of visitors to the Malay Technology Museum in February were of foreign nationality.

According to Chief Attendant of the Malay Technology Museum Noor Nazirah Zatulhimmah A Matassim, of the 4,134 visitors at the Malay Technology Museum in February, 1,891 were locals while 2,243 were foreigners from countries such as Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Australia and China among others.

A large portion of the foreign visitors were those participating in tours.

The same trend was also observed in January with 1,706 foreigners visiting the museum out of a total of 3,167 visitors.

The museum yesterday concluded the Japan Foundation’s travelling exhibition titled ‘Tohoku: through the eyes of Japanese Photographers’.

The exhibition was held from February 11 until March 4.

The exhibition featured photographs of the Tohoku region over various periods from the past to the present with some dating as far back as the 1940s.

During an interview with The Brunei Times, local visitors said that they decided to drop by the museum after hearing about it.

Md Izzan Kassim said that he enjoys photography and decided to visit the museum to catch the exhibition and find inspiration.

He added that he normally doesn’t visit museums but would be more inclined to visit if more exhibitions were held in the future.

Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College (MTSSR) student Fakhrurrazi Zaini said that the museum was a great place to bring tourists as it showcases the historical houses and culture of Brunei.

The freelance tour guide, however, said that he would have preferred more changes being made to reflect Brunei’s growth and modernity.

“They need to upgrade the museum with new colours and more information as we are in a modern (setting) now,” he said.

Another suggestion that he gave was for the museum to start charging an entrance fee to help fund the maintenance and upgrades of its facilities and exhibits.

“When I went to museums in other countries, they charged us an entrance fee and I was told it was for maintenance and to keep a good standard,” said Fakhrurrazi.

Amirah, also a student from MTSSR, said that holding new exhibitions in the museum is a good way to raise interest and boost tourism.

She added that the museum should consider opening a new gallery and adding more exciting exhibits to attract visitors.

“It has been three years since I have been here and it’s not really (changed)... just the new (Tohoku exhibition),” said Amirah who was at the museum to do research on tourism development.

“It’s still the same gallery since then, there are only three galleries and it’s the same thing,” she said.

The Brunei Times