Workshop to boost community spirit

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THE Sengkurong Sixth Form Centre (PTES) is looking to organise an annual teamwork workshop amongst its teaching and non-teaching staff in a bid to improve itself as an organisation.

An introductory Pembinaan Insan Workshop for PTES 2016 began yesterday at the centre’s multipurpose hall.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, the Head of Professional Research and Development Section at PTES, Dr Hj Makarimi Hj Kasim, said that he hopes the workshop would become a ‘model’ for other schools to follow in order to better the school community.

“The main aim of this is to create a sense of family amongst one another,” said Dr Hj Marikimi who is also one of the workshop’s facilitators.

Among its objectives include realising the importance of trustworthiness, time management, self-reliance and critical thinking in a team-building environment.

“It may seem that we know each other but if we look at our different departments like the Chemistry and Physics departments they seem similar but like others it is difficult to mingle with one another and some do not talk as we tend to be busy with our own stuff,” he added.

“If we have good teamwork, regardless of our differences we will be able to function better,” he said.

A total of 135 teaching and non-teaching staff participated in the workshop that involved hands-on activities that would promote leadership skills, teamwork and problem-solving.

“By the end of this workshop, we will be asking for feedback from our participants on what they want for the next session and from there, we will work on something even better,” said Dr Hj Makarimi.

The Brunei Times