Unemployed man gets 9 months jail for stealing

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AN UNEMPLOYED permanent resident who admitted to stealing a laptop and a bottle of perfume was sentenced to serve nine months in jail yesterday.

Defendant Muhammad Abdul Rahman Abd Rahim, 28, admitted yesterday that he stole a bottle of perfume from supermarket First Emporium on January 18.

An employee at the supermarket, who saw the defendant acting suspicious, was unable to stop the defendant from leaving the store as Abdul Rahman had immediately ran out with the stolen perfume.

On February 1, Abdul Rahman entered Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) through a drain and found his way to Tak’ Lim hall room where he saw a laptop.

The defendant took the laptop and brought it to an abandoned house in Kg Ayer and left it there. The stolen laptop has not been recovered.

During the proceedings yesterday, Abdul Rahman, who was arrested on Wednesday when police found him resting under a bridge, said that he stole the items because he was unemployed. He went on to say that after admitting to these offences, he is looking for employment.

When asked, Abdul Rahman told the court he had intended to sell the laptop but after he came back to the house in Kg Ayer to retrieve it, the laptop was missing and presumed stolen.

During the proceedings yesterday, the court ordered Abdul Rahman to serve one month in jail for stealing the perfume bottle and eight months in jail for stealing the laptop.

The Brunei Times