Reading to celebrate World Book Day

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STUDENTS from the Awang Semaun Secondary School (SMAS) celebrated World Book Day by spending their morning reading books.

World Book Day was designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading that is celebrated in over 100 different countries.

Hj Jafri Hj Suhaili, Principal of Awang Semaun Secondary School said that the school encourages and promotes reading among students to better improve their language skills and comprehension.

This, the principal stressed, is hoped to help students study better.

According to Hj Jafri, the school saw a drop in their GCE O-Level Performance last year by about six per cent. While some subjects such as Maths and Science classes excelled, English remains a subject that needs further improvement.

He added that the school practises two library periods, one for Malay and another for English, dedicated to reading for students every week.

“I think it is very important for the students in our schools (to pick up a reading habit). That is why we organised this (World Book Day observance) to make sure the students improve their reading,” said Hj Jafri.

Md Syafiq Hj Abu Bakar, the school’s head of English Department and head of Professional Development said that they are actively addressing the problem.

“One of the common weaknesses that we have identified is students’ language. (This includes) their understanding of instructions and vocabulary and their lack of reading,” he said.

The English teacher also added that departments in the school have adopted a cross-curricular strategy where teachers from different subjects discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a class and work together to improve students’ performance.

“Different teachers have different strategies. For example an English teacher could suggest more vocabulary to be used during Science and Maths classes,” he added.

“One way or another, a book is a friend and it will help develop you as a person,” added Md Syafiq.

The Brunei Times