‘Postal officers must be more customer-focused’

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SENIOR officers from the Postal Service Department have been told to adopt a more customer-oriented mindset.

During his speech at the closing ceremony for the Parcel and Logistics Management Course held at the Mail Processing Centre in Berakas, Post-Master General Hj Mohd Manan Hj Lakim said he hoped the senior officers who took part in the course would change their attitude in conducting their daily responsibilities.

He said increasing public demand for postal services in line with the rising trend of online shopping has caused the department to be scrutinized by Brunei residents.

Hj Mohd Manan urged the senior officers to be more passionate when conducting their work and to use that passion as a fuel to provide the best services and achieve optimum customer satisfaction.

“Hopefully with this attitude, we (the Postal Service Department) can uplift our image, which has been brought down recently due to customer complaints we’ve received left and right,” he said.

In an interview, Hj Mohd Manan said branch managers of post offices should strengthen their leadership skills, especially in terms of monitoring the officers working under them.

“They should closely monitor the daily duties of their subordinates such as from the delivery services and counter services so that any problems that surface can be taken care of immediately,” he said.

He added that these leaders should also increase the knowledge of their own craft.

“How can you be a leader if the people you’re leading are more knowledgeable than you?” he said.

Hj Mohd Manan urged the branch managers to conduct research and learn the best practices that are implemented by postal services in other countries.

Twenty people comprising senior officers from the department took part in the five-day course, which began on February 27.

After delivering his speech, Hj Mohd Manan presented the participants with certificates of appreciation for completing the course.

An exchange of souvenirs also took place between the postmaster-general and the facilitator of the course, Anucha Soonglertsongpha, an expert from the Asia-Pacific Postal College based in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Parcel and Logistics Management Course was aimed at capacity building to improve the skills of the participants as well as encouraging them to be more dynamic, competitive and customer friendly.

The Brunei Times