Ethnic dance to raise cultural awareness among school students

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MORE than 25 school teachers participated in learning Brunei's traditional dances to further enhance their experience and knowledge in teaching future youth and students regarding Brunei's national heritage.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the workshop yesterday, Head of the Akli Unit at the  Ministry of Education’s Department of Co-Curriculum Education (JPKK), Hjh Hajidah Hj Md Wahab said that this year’s workshop was revamped to include Brunei's ethnic dance that are still unexposed to many Bruneians.

“Many are still unaware of the multi-ethnicities culture that we have in Brunei and their uniqueness so this is one of the efforts to tackle that situation,” she said.

“So hopefully by organising this workshop, teachers will have the necessary skills and knowledge of traditional and ethnic dance in Brunei enough to pass on these skills to their students,” she added in her speech as the chairperson of the event.

The two-day traditional dance workshop organised by the department ended on March 2.

In learning the roots of Brunei’s art of dance, the participating teachers from all four districts were taught several songs for different categories by a group of local trainers and choreographers.

Naindong, Indung Anak, Dang Mengalai and Alus Jua Dendang are the four types of Brunei dances taught to primary school teachers.

Meanwhile those from secondary schools learned the art of ethnic dance for four songs; _Tamaruk, Umak Ruma, Adai-Adai _and Aduk-Aduk, which comes from the indigenous Dusun, Murut, Brunei-Malay and Kedayan respectively.

Hj Jamil Hj Osman from Sungai Kebun Primary School, as a representative of the participants, also gave a speech during the ceremony in which he stressed the importance of the workshop in instilling awareness among teachers and enhancing their skills of Brunei’s traditional dances.

“This workshop has given us a valuable experience for us to work together in advocating Brunei’s art and culture,” he said.

“These cultural dances should live and be passed down from generation to generation in sustaining and upholding our nationhood as a Malay Muslim Monarchy country,” he added.

Attending the ceremony was Acting Assistant Director of JPKK, Pg Hjh Norhani Pg Hj Ismail as the guest of honour who presented appreciation gifts and certificates to participants and trainers of the workshop.

Held at the Youth Centre in the capital, the ceremony also featured dance performances by the workshop’s trainers in which the songs for _Tamaruk _and Adai-Adai were showcased.

The Brunei Times