Bundle Beds to make camping beds in Brunei

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TWO British entrepreneurs who are funding their roll out camping bed through crowdfunding site Kickstarter has chosen a Brunei-based company to manufacture their product.

Lucy Bartlett and James Clark, founders of Bundle Beds, have decided to work with Famous Textile Sdn Bhd to manufacture the camping beds that they designed.

Famous Textile’s owner Stephen So said the company is excited to be part of the project which will help put Brunei on the map.

He said once the funding campaign is over and orders are confirmed, Bundle Beds’ camping beds will carry a ‘Made in Brunei’ tag.

Bundle Beds started its Kickstarter campaign on February 22, 2016 and set a target to raise 25,000 pounds within 30 days. The product reached its funding target in just 65 hours.

As of press time, a total of 217 backers from around the globe have pledged to fund the product. The funding pot now stands at 37,907 pounds, with 20 more days to go.

Bartlett said both Clark and herself began working on a prototype for the bed in 2014. They initially worked with a manufacturer in China but were hampered by delays.

Bartlett then moved to Brunei 18 months ago after her husband was offered a job at the Jerudong International School. It was here where they met Stephen So owner of Famous Textile.

Bartlett and Clark decided to go with the Brunei-based company, impressed by the quality of Famous Textile’s products and ease of communication with the manufacturer.

“Having hit a brick wall in regards to production in China, I was recommended to go and visit a factory in Brunei to see if they would produce a sample. After meeting Stephen and working with him on the sample, we agreed that Famous Textile would take on the production of the beds for us and are thrilled with the relationship so far,” she told The Brunei Times in an email interview.

As Famous Textile’s factory is located in Jerudong, it is also easier for Bartlett to make changes to the prototype when required.

So said the company has been in the country since 2003 and mainly deals in making apparel which are exported to the US, Europe and China.

“At the end of the day, we’re still dealing with fabrics which we know quite well so in some ways we’ve been able to give feedback on what kind of material would work for the product,” he said.

The Brunei Times