Brunei AIDS Council to hold youth leadership programme

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THE Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council (BDAC) will be holding its annual Training on Teambuilding and Youth Leadership programme from March 25-27.

The event is open to those aged between 17 to 27, and its project manager told _The Brunei Times _they are expecting about 40 participants.

Najihah Latif said it is hoped that the event will be able to educate and empower young people in showcasing their potential while enhancing their aspiration to work better together in a team.

She said the event is pertinent for them to equip their younger BDAC members with basic skills and knowledge on leadership and team management, as this is important in the running of an NGO.

Najihah said a team, in its simplest definition, is a group of people with a common goal. In the context of young people working in a team, it is often seen that they are energetic, full of ideas and are willing to deliver to the best of their abilities.

Yet it is also often overlooked that “potential” skills are not tapped into and that these youth are only asked to go into their field of leadership with limited to none of the skills in managing a team, she said.

“This can lead to a lack of sustainability of leadership, frustration of young people, dominance of current leaders, lack of youth-adult partnerships and eventually a lack of empowerment amongst young people in today’s world.”

Najihah said the training will also prepare their younger members to take lead of BDAC in the near future as part of their succession plan.

She hopes the event will be able to instil confidence in young people in managerial positions and enhance teamwork spirit amongst the team members.

The event also looks to identify the principles of leadership and effective leadership skills.

The project manager said some of the experienced BDAC members will be facilitating the training and sharing their knowledge with the participants.

To date, Najihah said they have produced more than 60 trained youth to carry out training on team-building and youth leadership.

These trained youth are also volunteers at Penyinar, which is the BDAC youth wing division.

The cost of joining the three-day and two-night workshop is $25 per person.

Those interested can register online at

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