‘BITC creates opportunities for foreign investment in Brunei’

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A NUMBER of government ministries have taken an interest in the entrepreneurs that participated in this year’s Brunei International Trade and Consumer Exhibition (BITC), said the event’s organiser.

Speaking to reporters yesterday during the closing reception of BITC 2016 at Bridex Centre in Jerudong, Dato’ Ting Jack Chai, managing director of Cityneon Displays and Construction Sdn Bhd, said that although the number of visitors to the exhibition wasn’t high, the exhibition has received a great response from the government.

He said he has received a number of enquiries from government authorities such as the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, the Energy and Industry Department at the Prime Minister’s Office and the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB).

“They (government authorities) were really keen on knowing about the exhibitors that were present, such as the countries they came from and the products they sell.

“Ultimately, this exhibition isn’t only about business networking, (as) there are some exhibitors who are interested in investing in Brunei,” he said.

Dato’ Ting said that as the event’s organizers, they have arranged meetings aimed at connecting these interested foreign investors with the proper authorities in Brunei such as the BEDB.

“I really hope the potential investors present during the exhibition who we helped meet with the relevant government departments will (have meetings that) bear fruit, as they may help improve the local economy,” he said.

He said he hopes more enterprises will take part in next year’s BITC exhibition as the event will help increase Brunei’s trade with other nations.

Dato’ Ting went on to say that for next year’s exhibition, they hope to create a business forum so that successful SMEs would be able to pass on their knowledge to start-up companies that will hopefully take part in the exhibition.

At the same event, it was announced that next year’s BITC will be held from August 30 until September 3.

The Brunei Times