More solutions and less talk, LegCo members told

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MORE solutions and less talk. Non-government organisations expect Legislative Council (LegCo) members to think ahead and offer solutions rather than engage in unnecessary discussions when they start convening for the 12th session on Saturday.

Iswandy Ahmad, president of Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council (BDAC), said LegCo members need to focus on actions that will be taken to improve Brunei’s development.

“I think there should be more of a “thinking ahead and solving issues mentality”, instead of just “discussing about issues”, he said in an interview.

He went on to say that foreign policy and Brunei’s role in the global arena should be on the agenda at the LegCo proceedings.

“It would be nice if there are programmes that educate and create awareness for Bruneians on regional and international relations, such as the ASEAN Community, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and how this can be in line with the country’s own Vision 2035,” he said.

The president said reproductive health education should also be brought up at the LegCo meetings.

President and founder of Green Brunei Khairunnisa Ash’ari hopes issues on youth unemployment, welfare mentality and waste management would be raised.

“This (youth unemployment) has been an issue that affects a large number of young people, and it will keep increasing as Brunei produces more graduates.

“The call to encourage more youth involvement in entrepreneurship and innovation is a positive sign, but it needs to be matched with providing a suitable environment for them to develop the skills and mindset to get into business,” she added.

She said many graduates may not have the skills to pursue entrepreneurship.

“More exposure on the opportunities available, including the ease of starting businesses, training programmes, grants and so on can be offered to those who are in school, so that they don’t just graduate with knowledge about their courses be it in science or art, but also how to capitalise on the knowledge,” she said.

Khairunnisa further said laws need to be strengthened on open burning and public littering.

Head of Youth Entrepreneurship Programme and International Relations Sub Unit at the Youth Centre BSB Pg Kamal Ghadafi Pg Hj Suhaimi hopes different entities will play a bigger role in entrepreneurship by providing training and networking opportunities.

“It is good to have the Prime Minister’s Office taking the lead now to nurture and guide youths and other businesses in this matter.

“What is crucial now is to nurture them in terms of the education system, mass media and for young people to understand that we are going in the direction of being a business savvy nation,” he continued.

He said youth need to be educated on entrepreneurship and what goals they can reach if they decide to build a career around it. “Supporting youth and businesses to work together is vital and must be implemented as soon as possible.”

The Brunei Times