Mobile educational apps viable market for local developers

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EDUCATIONAL mobile applications provide great economic opportunities for local software developers, said the Minister of Communications.

Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Hj Mustappa Hj Sirat said this on the sidelines of the official launching for the Brunei ICT Awards (BICTA) 2016 that was held yesterday at the Ministry of Communications.

He said that educational apps with content based on the syllabus of internationally recognised exams such as the GCSE O Levels, which is also used in Brunei, has a very big market demand.

“These apps would enable students to download or view notes on certain subjects to prepare them for the exams,” he said.

“There are millions of students out there who register for the exams annually, and these students will benefit greatly from the apps, especially for students in developing countries,” added the minister. In the same event _The Brunei Times _interviewed the winners of last year’s BICTA in the School Project category, students for the St John’s School who developed an app called iStudyGCSE.

Furqan Mehboob Khan, one of the team members explained that the app that they developed is a study app consisting of past year papers, concept maps and detailed information certain subject based on the GCSE O Levels syllabus.

“This app actually helps students who are taking the exams because they can study and revise for the exams anywhere and anytime they want all from their mobile device, so it is very convenient,” he said.

The ICT trainer and coach of the team, Shulamite Sebastian Hipolito said that the app also contains videos of lessons which includes demonstrations therefore “it would be as if the students were revising with a teacher.”

She said that it is feasible to market the study app internationally adding that the school is currently targeting the 12 million students from all over the world who register for the exams annually.

“This app (the iStudyGCSE) does not only cater to Brunei students but also from the 200 countries that register for the O Level exams (and) we make sure that the app's content is always up to date with the latest syllabus.” She said that the school has dedicated a team of teachers who are capable and credible to write up the study notes that are contained in the app. “We have also included the marking scheme for the exams so that students can make a study group and mark each other’s paper based on the scheme which may also lessen the need for students to register for tuition schools,” she added.

The Brunei Times