Parents laud positive impact of Early Literacy Programme

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THE Language and Literature Bureau held a briefing for parents yesterday as part of their Early Literacy Programme at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex.

The Early Literacy Programme was started to encourage and support parents to teach their children from an early age; the bureau then conducts follow-ups, surveys and observes the children yearly to record the results of the programme over a period of five years, said Library Officer Dk Hjh Masdiana Pg Hj Damit from the Language and Literature Bureau during an interview.

She added that the aim of the briefing was to follow up on the progress of the parents and to educate them on the proper methods of reading along with their children, particularly for children aged one to three years old.

Dk Hjh Masdiana added that the parents in attendance yesterday were the second batch under the Early Literacy Programme. Participants are given a free book kit as well as free membership to all nine public libraries in Brunei when they enrol in the programme.

Dk Hjh Masdiana said that the programme is still at an early stage and was only able to select a limited number of participants. However, she added that the Language and Literature Bureau is looking to include more participants in the future as they continue to improve the process.

During the briefing, a presentation was delivered by Hjh Nor Susilawati Hj Mohd Tahir, Education Officer at the Early Childhood Care and Education Unit, Ministry of Education.

The presentation provided information to parents on the best method to teach and promote reading to their children, including subjects such as proper reading and sitting positions, book selections and methods of teaching.

During an interview, Hjh Nor Susilawati told The Brunei Times that the Early Literacy Programme will help children develop a love for books and learning which eases the transition when they enter schools.

Hjh Siti Bazilah Hj Sulaiman, mother of one-year-old Muhammad Syafi Syamil Muhammad Azmi said that her child showed interest in the books that were provided and enjoyed repeating what his parents were teaching.

She also added that the teaching has helped brought their family closer and has been a very positive experience so far.

The Brunei Times