MPK vendors hoping for more exhibitions to sell products

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VENDORS of Village Consultative Councils (MPKs) are hoping for more exhibitions to promote and sell their local products following good sales on the final day of the three-day One Village One Product exhibition at Times Square Shopping Centre yesterday.

In an interview, Connie Runguh, representing RPN Rimba II, said she was looking forward to more opportunities like the Times Square exhibition as she noticed sales were significantly greater compared to those at her regular venues.

“Perhaps the sales success could be attributed to the influx of people at Times Square on the weekend or the end-of-month payday. So far, I’ve sold 115 products – a large portion being bamboo woven bags,” Connie said, adding that sales were more at the exhibition compared to at her regular stall in Tamu Kianggeh, where she sold similar products.

“The most popular are the bamboo bags. That’s why I had to keep making more even while I’m selling. I’m currently weaving one,” she said while sharing her record of sales in her booklet.

Representing MPK Bebuloh, Rabaha Galis was grateful for the significant amount of his goods being sold, mostly being bamboo woven baskets.

“So far, we’ve sold around 60 of our products, mostly baskets,” he said, adding that he only sells his products during expos.

“It’s very exciting to see people buying your goods, especially when the table was initially filled with products. I think expos act as an effective gateway to selling our products successfully,” Rabaha said, adding that the exposure to so many customers contributes to this success.

Representing MPK Kampung Mentiri, of which the main products are traditional biscuits, Muhammad Azri Abdul Rahman said he sold around 20 biscuits per day, mostly Kuih Jala, during the exhibition, with his overall sales amounting to around 60.

With his table almost empty, he said that one of the challenges was maintaining production, as there was a shortage of manpower to fry the biscuits.

“It’s not like _Kuih Sapit _where you can have multiple bread pressing machines to simultaneously cook them. For Kuih Jala, there is no machine for it but the traditional frying pan, and the only way to create them successfully is if you keep a watchful eye on them as they fry,” he said.

He added that having more workers manning a frying pan was the only way to boost production quickly.

Abu Samah Hj Damit of the MPK Kampung Sengkurong A booth, who was selling mostly wooden utensils that he hand made, had sold 95 products.

Representing MPK Kampung Sengkurong A alone, Abu Samah was happy that he had managed to sell a significant portion of his overall goods.

The Brunei Times