Local college to produce first batch of gaming graduates

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BRUNEI will have its first batch of gaming and animation graduates from a local college this November.

Daniel Jayasundrakumar, senior director of business development from Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology, said 25 students are expected to graduate with their gaming and animation diploma in November.

In an interview, he said there are more than 80 students currently enrolled in the course and another 60 have registered.

Jayasundrakumar said the gaming and animation course teaches students how to build games in Java, learn the mathematics in gaming design and motion graphics.

He said students who completed their diploma can opt to further their studies in the same discipline or move to another field.

“In this course, they are not learning only about gaming and animation, they can pursue their studies in an IT discipline like software development,” said Jayasundrakumar.

He added that like most of their courses, gaming and animation students will also be given work attachment with companies to better understand their course with hands-on experience.

“Currently, those who are graduating have not yet been sent for attachment but they can go to RTB or other companies such as Mixmedia or our own media companies such as Xpedia,” he continued.

The gaming and animation course is a 12- to 18-month course available both full-time and part-time, and is currently only offered by the Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology.

Aziz Latip, executive chairman of Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology, said it is the college’s first priority to ensure students who graduate are marketable and will be able to find a job.

“If the opportunities are not in Brunei, then the opportunities are outside Brunei because there’s quite a lot of demand for talented students who have a strong background in gaming and animation globally,” he said.

He went on to say that in gaming and animation, students do not have to solely depend on Brunei and make money out of their own talent.

“Venture capitalists are always willing to fund talented people. There are also a lot of incomplete games where creators are selling the intellectual property rights. Students can actually make a business out of this by completing and selling it as a mobile phone application; the whole world is your market,” added Aziz.

The Brunei Times