Belait eateries will continue to be graded

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EATERIES in Kuala Belait and Seria will continue to be graded for cleanliness despite no longer requiring a business license to operate, according to the chairman of the Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Board.

Hj Ali Mat Yassin said in talk given by the board's officials at Sentral Shopping Centre (KBSentral) last weekend that the municipal board will continue to monitor cleanliness, especially eateries under their jurisdiction.

“Although it is clear that several business no longer require the business license operate, the municipal board and government agencies will continue to manage and oversee inspections and tests for the cleanliness grading,” he said.

Under the cleanliness grading system, tests are conducted every two years before a grade from A to C, corresponding to marks above 71, are given. Those falling below will not be awarded.

The grading takes into account the storage, preparation and serving of food, as well as the overall cleanliness of the premises from waste disposal to the kitchen and dining area.

These were highlighted to the 44 vendors attending the talk, 13 who are under the first phase of 2016, and 31 who are under the second phase which begins next month.

The grading panel who conducted the talk also included prominent businessmen from the district; CEO of the Serikandi Group of Companies Hj Shaikh Khalid Hj Shaikh Ahmad and the Vice President of the Belait Chinese Chamber of Commerce Loo Soo Nin, as well as public health officials and representatives from the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation.

Seven business activities scheduled under the Business License Act were announced on February 11 by the Ministry of Home Affairs to be exempted from the rule requiring a business license. These are eateries, boarding and lodging houses or other places of public resort; street vendors and stalls; motor vehicle dealers; petrol stations including places for storing petrol and inflammable material; timber store and furniture factories; and retail shops and workshops.

These businesses will still need to register their businesses with the Registry of Companies and Business Names, and be subject to the standards, conditions, regulations, guidelines and legal requirements governing their type of business activity.

The Brunei Times