‘Avoid social media when reporting damaged facilities’

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The Public Works Department is asking the public to immediately report a leaking or burst pipe in their area to minimise the damage to facilities and the environment.

An officer from the Road Construction Section (SRC) under the department who preferred anonymity said the public should contact the government instead of posting photos on social media.

Responding to public concern over a burst pipe in Kg Tanah Jambu on Saturday, he told The Brunei Times yesterday that the public should report any damage to public facilities immediately to prevent pipe corrosion or soil erosion.

In a phone interview, the SRC officer said public cooperation is crucial for enabling the department to contact road repair contractors to go to the scene immediately.

The burst pipe at Simpang 744 in Kg Tanah Jambu slowed down traffic on Saturday afternoon, according to residents of the area.

Abdul Brahim Hj Kudir, a resident of the Kg Sungai Buloh Two (Bukit Sibanging) Landless Indigenous Citizens Housing Scheme, said the pipe burst under the road, causing flash flooding in front of the junction.

“I phoned the Darussalam 123 hotline. The pipe burst under the road. I remember the asphalt for the roads along this area was laid two years ago. I hope there will be no more pipes bursting along the road,” said the government officer.

Another resident from Kg Kapok, Md Jahrun Sanusi, who travels along the road daily from his job in the capital, said the public should contact the 123 hotline to make complaints instead of busily uploading photos on social media.

“What’s the point of sharing useless information on social media? It’s true that other people should know about it, but can they (people on social media) help repair the damaged (public facilities)?” he said.

Md Jahrun said pictures posted or shared on social media may also be misleading.

“Perhaps the photo was taken last year and people thought it was taken that day,” he said.

The SRC officer said the Public Works Department, which is under the Ministry of Development, has allocated a certain budget for maintenance of roads or other public facilities.

The Brunei Times