ASEAN conference highlights importance of work-life balance

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THREE Bruneian youths recently participated in the ASEAN Work‐Life Balance Conference: “Creating Prosperity, Fulfilling Lives” from February 23 to 25 at the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC), Cyberjaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The three-day project aimed to make evidence-based recommendations to national governments in ASEAN with respect to inclusive, conducive and holistic policymaking for Work-Life Balance (WLB).

One participant, Abdul Aziz Johari told The Brunei Times yesterday that the goal of ‘Work-Life Balance’ is not a unidimensional figure such as the growth rate of a country’s GDP or the number of impoverished households. It is a “combination of infrastructural and conceptual conditions that would allow everybody to create the framework in which they could work and live life with productivity, dignity and integrity”.

“Issues such as public transportation, mobile and Internet access, environmental protection, cultural preservation, rural-urban migration and more will be contextualised in accordance to their impact on Work-Life Balance,” he said.

“There were four tracks altogether during the two days breakout session which includes Corporate Leadership, Youth Aspirations, Women’s Empowerment and Rural Ambition,” Abdul Aziz said, adding that during the conference he hosted a discussion on the Corporate Leadership.

He said that corporations hold the key to economic development and work-life balance allows workers to have creative problem solving and a stronger sense of belonging. He further added that the aim under his session was to showcase stories of people who may have previously found it difficult to implement work-life balance for themselves and their communities.

Around 20 topics were presented by some Non-Government Organisation (NGO), professionals, individuals from various agencies under Asean countries.

Other local delegates were Ching Sheng Jie and Md Syukri Jamil.

Also in attendance during the conference was Datin Paduka Hjh Adina Othman, the former deputy minister of Culture, Youth and Sport who act as one of the panelists for a session in the conference.

The Brunei Times