‘Youths can boost private sector’

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YOUTHS should rely less on the government for jobs and focus more on the private sector and starting small businesses to further help localise the country’s workforce.

Jaini Hj Abdullah, a member of the Public Service Commission (PSC), said young people should also strive to improve their skills and be prepared to face the challenges of finding a job in the country.

He said youths shouldn’t be selective in the jobs they apply for as most government posts have been filled and the government might not be able to help them with everything in the long term.

“Therefore, youths should strive to obtain jobs in the private sector or start small businesses so they can continue to grow and acquire expertise which could further help the country improve itself,” he said.

While there are a lot of young people coming up with their own business ideas, he encouraged more of them to rise to the challenge, which may also help the country diversify and grow its economy with the markets they created.

He said some of them may face challenges should they wish to start a business from scratch, but anything can be done if they are strong willed and willing to sacrifice and face difficulties.

He also noted that the number of foreign workers in the country could be considered high, but the skills they have can also be obtained by locals if they are really willing to learn them.

According to the latest government data, the number of foreign workers in the country as of late December was 141,852 in all sectors including construction and private domestic help. A total of 71,000 unused quotas for foreign workers were also reported in the private sector.

With this in mind, he said private companies may find it more convenient to hire locals, as they may not have to spend more, including providing accommodation, while at the same time obtaining the same expertise in their core businesses.

In this regard, he also hoped that youths would continue to strive to improve their skills and support whatever initiatives the government have in moving the country toward producing a visionary generation.

Jaini was speaking in his capacity as the guest of honour at the launching of the Lumapas Youth Association’s (PERLU) Programme Belia Cinta Tanah Air (Nation-loving Youth Programme) in Kg Lumapas yesterday.

The programme, said the head of PERLU, Pg Hj Hanafi Pg Hj Ahmad, was aimed at encouraging youth to develop their skills through patriotism and love of the nation.

He said this includes observing the condition of the country, including its economic stability, to instil an awareness of the importance of being less dependent on the government for jobs.

Pg Hj Hanafi said more activities are planned under the programme, and he hoped that these activities would really help youths understand the country’s culture and find more ways to sustain and improve the nation and ensure its future.

The Brunei Times