Snags delay Brunei’s first high-rise housing

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THE completion of Brunei’s first high-rise apartments under the national housing scheme has been pushed back, said the Project Manager of Dara Construction Sdn Bhd.

The project at Lambak Kanan or Salambigar – comprising apartments which can accommodate close to 2,000 residents – started construction at the end of 2014 and expected to be completed this year in May.

Nadesan Premakanthan told The Brunei Times that the construction of the apartment is currently experiencing delays due to several challenges related to the design phase.

“Due to several reasons that can’t be avoided, the construction of the apartments will be fully completed in March or April 2017,” said the project manager.

“The construction of the apartments so far had achieved 45 per cent completion. Between January and February, we were able to speed up the construction rate to 13 per cent,” he said.

“Last month, we had reached 32 per cent but with more workers coming and more machinery, the construction’s progress increased to 45 per cent,” he said, adding that currently, there are more than 700 people working on the project. In an effort to create buildings that are energy efficient, the project manager also said the project will be the first housing apartment/building in the sultanate to implement green concept and solar power. He said that items used such as tap water, window glasses and electrical appliances were chosen with accordance to the needs of developing a green building.

The project, undertaken by the Ministry of Development, was estimated to be worth a total of $55 million and is located on a 15-hectare area near Masjid Perpindahan Lambak Kanan.

The building will contain 300 units housed in ten six-storey buildings, separated into two areas containing five buildings each. It will also come with a multi-storey car park with its own football field and other sporting and recreational facilities on its rooftop. The project manager said that one unit has an area of 170 square metres and comprises one master bedroom, three bedrooms, a living and dining room, kitchen, store room, three toilets and a balcony and laundry area.

The Brunei Times