Museums Department publishes new books

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THE Museums Department has published two new books that will be sold at the Brunei Book Fair and Empowering Reading Culture Carnival 2016.

The books, titled ‘Brunei Culture Bibliography (Bibliografi Budaya Brunei)’ and ‘Speech I-IV Analysis of Functions and Themes’ (Pertuturan I-IV Analisis Tema dan Fungsi)’, were published in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Erna Omar, publication officer at the Museums Department told The Brunei Times that the books, similar to most of the department’s publications, would be most useful for academics.

The 261-page Brunei Culture Bibilography contains a list of reference materials pertaining to Brunei’s customs and culture, especially about Brunei’s ethnic tribes.

The materials referenced in the book comprise magazine and newspaper articles, books and journals as well as unpublished theses and dissertations from 1880 to 2014, Erna said.

Meanwhile, Speech I-IV Analysis of Functions and Themes, which has 290 pages, contains literary analysis of Brunei’s traditional stories that were published in the department’s Pertuturan series from the first volume to the fourth volume.

Authored by Zawiyatun Ni’mah Mohammad Akir and Associate Professor Ampuan Dr Hj Ibrahim Ampuan Hj Tengah, the book contains analysis of themes of stories including local fables, folktales, animal tales and legends.

The book also discusses literary functions to educate and instil good morality, knowledge and wisdom, as well as to criticise.

According to Erna, both books will be sold cheaper than usual during the book fair, which runs until March 6 at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex’s Multi-purpose hall.

She said many of the department’s publications are purchased by academics in Brunei as well as libraries in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia.

The Brunei Times