India extends e-Tourist Visa scheme to Bruneian travellers

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BRUNEI passport holders are now able to apply for visas to India electronically, allowing greater convenience for those travelling to this South Asian nation.

The Indian government’s e-Tourist Visa (eTV) website formally announced the introduction of the service to 37 other countries yesterday, which took the list of citizens from countries able to apply electronically to 150.

The Secretary (East) of India’s Ministry of External Affairs Anil Wadha said that the introduction of eTV would help boost the number of travellers from the sultanate to India.

“Brunei’s inclusion completes the introduction of the scheme to all ASEAN members, and hopefully lays the groundwork for more connections to be made between the countries,” he told a visiting ASEAN media delegation recently.

The e-Tourist visa is valid for travellers visiting India for recreation, sight-seeing, meeting friends or family, short medical treatment or casual business visits.

Wadhwa said the easing of travel to India was part of the government’s policy to establish positive impressions and draw more visitors to the country and develop closer ties with other nations.

“Outside tourism, it is hoped that the easing of travel will open up India further to the world, so that future business, medical, academic and socio-cultural connections can be made,” he added.

Previously, foreign nationals were required to submit their documents to an Indian mission or visa application centre.

Those wishing to visit India can apply at, make payment by credit or debit card before receiving their eTV via email, which is then printed.

eTV is not applicable for international travel documents and diplomatic or official passport holders.

At least 750,000 visas have been granted electronically since the Indian government introduced the service back in November 2014.

To date, about 3,500 eTVs are issued daily.

The Brunei Times