Taiwan e-visa available for Bruneians

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BRUNEIANS who wish to visit Taiwan can now apply online for electronic visas (e-visas), said a representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Brunei yesterday.

According to Jason CH Wan, Brunei citizens who wish to travel, visit relatives, conduct business, or attend international conferences, sports events and trade fairs in Taiwan no longer need to submit application forms for a Taiwanese visa at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, nor entrust travel agencies to do so.

Speaking to members of the press yesterday, Wan said that less than 2,000 Bruneians visit Taiwan annually.

He called the e-visa programme a “good initiative for Bruneians”, adding that he hoped it would help to boost tourism to Taiwan among Bruneians.

To apply for a Taiwanese e-visa, Bruneians can visit https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw/ and fill out an application form online. A visa fee of about $71 – which covers the visa fee and the processing fee for online credit card payment – can be paid online by either MasterCard or Visa credit cards.

Once the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office receives the application and approves it, a notice will be automatically emailed to the applicant.

Applicants can then click a webpage link in the email to download and print out the e-visa, then bring the printout with themselves when travelling to Taiwan.

According to a press statement issued by the office, the validity period of a Taiwan e-visa is three months starting from the issue date.

The e-visa permits single entry and the maximum duration of stay is 30 days, which cannot be extended, the office said.

The office also recommended that applicants apply for an e-visa at least seven days before departing for Taiwan, and that they possess an ordinary, official or diplomatic passport with remaining validity period of more than six months, upon arrival in Taiwan.

Emergency, temporary and other informal passports or travel documents cannot be used to apply for an e-visa, it said.

Brunei is among the list of 27 countries that were recently made eligible by Taiwan for the e-visa programme.

The list also included countries such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Macedonia and Turkey.

The Brunei Times