PR facing death penalty released on bail

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A PERMANENT resident who is facing the death penalty was released on $30,000 bail yesterday after the court deemed there was “minimal risk” that he would abscond.

Defendant Lim Yen Sheng was released a month after being remanded since a drug raid on January 25.

Lim is facing a holding charge of possession of cannabis with a gross weight of 900 grammes for the purpose of trafficking on January 25 at Kg Belimbing in Subok.

The penalty for possession of over 600 grammes of the Class A drug is death.

During last week’s court proceedings before Senior Magistrate Lailatul Zubaidah Hj Mohd Hussain, Lim’s defence counsel, Ahmad Zakaria, sought for the court to assume jurisdiction to hear the bail application on drug cases that carry the death penalty as well as for his client to be released on bail.

During the proceedings yesterday, the prosecution argued on the seriousness of the offence as it carries the death penalty and further said that they have a strong case against Lim.

The senior magistrate subsequently ruled that the Magistrates’ Court does have the jurisdiction to hear the bail application and release the defendant on bail.

The court allowed the application on the grounds that the defendant has strong family ties and commitments in Brunei and therefore there was minimal risk of absconding.

She further said that the time needed for the drug analysis report to be made available might be extended as the court has experienced situations where the Department of Scientific Services was unable to furnish the report well over the eight-month period under its standard operating procedure.

Lim was released on $30,000 bail or the same amount in two local sureties and is to report to the Narcotics Control Bureau on a weekly basis.

The Brunei Times