PKBN ideas to help boost Tutong’s tourism industry

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ONE hundred and forty-six National Service Programme (PKBN) trainees of the fifth intake were dispatched to several Tutong sites yesterday for their input on ways in improving the Tutong landmarks to becoming main tourist attractions.

The PKBN visits were a part of an activity organised by the Tutong District Office and the PKBN secretariat whereby sites included the Sungai Tutong landmark sign, Tutong Town, Sungai Basong Recreational Park and Taman Seri Warisan Emas among others.

Head Executive of Coordinator and Tourism Promotion Body of Tutong district under the Tutong District Office, Muhammad Amir Hj Umarali, said the PKBN trainees’ visit was a part of the body’s efforts to obtain the youth perspective in improving the Tutong sites to become main tourist attractions.

 “For example, we want to see from their perspective what is missing from the site, what needs to be added to transform it into a main tourist attraction.

We want to know what is in the minds of the youth when we ask them these things,” he said, adding that it was a chance to “let them talk”.

“The Tutong District Office needs this kind of information (to improve sites) instead of only relying on government input. We need a range of ideas from a variety of people,” he said highlighting that it was a big task to make Tutong a main tourist attraction.

Presenting their ideas to organisers, Muhammad Amir said that the activity gives the trainees a sense of belonging as n opportunity to relay their thoughts to the Tutong District Office.

“It is very difficult for the youth to present their ideas directly to the Tutong District Office as there are so many steps to go through such as sending a proposal and such.

Therefore this is a valuable opportunity for them to voice out their thoughts,” he said adding that the district office was willing to take any idea that seemed worthy in improving Tutong.

He went on to say that making a landmark “nice” was a factor in attracting tourists but was not enough to keep it from being deserted later on.

“In the tourism industry it is not enough to make the site nice, but we must have things that go along with it which attract tourists such as food and cultural shows. These things enliven the site,” he said adding that the mistake of building something which will later on be deserted needs to be avoided.

Muhammad Amir went on to say that the Sungai Tutong landmark sign was an example of a simple idea that had positive effects.

“These simple ideas (construction Sungai Tutong landmark sign) are needed as it is informative and attracts people to want to go to the place and find out more about it,” he said. He added that good and fresh ideas will make it more convincing for stakeholders to invest.

According to the press release, the two-day activity organised by the Tutong District Office and the PKBN secretariat was in line with the Tutong District Office’s concept of Developing With Community.

The second set of PKBN trainees will visit Tutong Tutong district today where similar activities will also take place. The activities also aimed to foster characteristics - among the trainees - of being responsible towards the development of the country and towards making Tutong a district with potential.

The Brunei Times