‘Cultural exchanges can improve Brunei’s education system’

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THE Ministry of Education will continue to hold cultural exchanges between countries to build and strengthen relationships while encouraging the sharing of ideas and experiences.

This was said by Pg Ali Shafie Pg Hj Abas, Acting Special Duties Officer, Grade 1 Academic Unit from the Department of Schools, on the sidelines of a visit from 45 Thai delegates from Rajapark Institute, Thailand, to the Katok Secondary School (SMK) yesterday.

He said that the ministry has always valued such exchanges as it provides information regarding best practices, facilities and teaching methods that can be implemented into Brunei’s own education system.

“The objective of the programme is to exchange various knowledge and experiences between the staff of SMK and the delegates,” said Pg Ali.

Assistant Professor Dr Kasem Benchawong, head of the delegation, also extended an invitation to their Bruneian counterparts to visit Rajapark Institute.

“We will forward the proposal to our ministry and see what we can do,” said Pg Ali.

He added that the exchange was good for bilateral relations between Brunei and Thailand as it allows for the development and expansion of their networks.

Pg Ali said that the ministry also has several ongoing programmes with different countries such as Japan, US, Australia and other ASEAN countries.

“When we share our best practices, schools can gain from it. They can use the programmes or systems... and practise it. It is a learning process between two countries, two ministries and we will keep moving forward,” said Pg Ali.

The Brunei Times