‘Visionary youths vital in building the nation’

National 2 minutes, 2 seconds


THE young generation must have the vision and become the pillars of the country to achieve a better future for Brunei, said one of the oath readers for the 32nd National Day celebration yesterday themed ‘Visionary Generation’.

Public Health Officer, Department of Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health, Nur Azim Hj Matnor was one of the 32 youths out of the hundreds who applied as oath readers for the celebration.

“Bruneian youths must have a vision. By having a vision, youths will have a purpose, an image of the future and the values that will guide them to achieve the vision,” he said.

“As Bruneian youths, we need to be proactive, open-minded and creative. We as the future generation must accept modernity and keep evolving to be a better generation while taking the good in our cultural value (Malay Muslim Monarchy or MIB),” he added.

He said that MIB must be the youth’s guide “to push us towards a better generation and not perceive it is as something that is holding us back to achieve our Vision 2035”.

Another oath reader, Dk Lina Maziyyah Pg Metussin said “Visionary Generation” to her is defined as the younger generation or youth who will eventually lead the future of Brunei “with high levels of dedication, willingness and honesty based on the idea of our Malay Muslim Monarchy”.

The clinical pharmacist under the Department of Pharmaceutical Services said, “As a Bruneian youth myself, we are all responsible for how Brunei will be in the future. The youths now have to understand and be aware of how our actions affect (us). Our aim as a nation is to ensure that our actions now will bring in more positivity to the country as we reach 2035.”

Hj Abdul Hafiz Hj Md Daud was tasked to lead the recital of the oath yesterday. The Finance Officer from Treasury Department, Ministry of Finance said he was honoured to be given the once in a lifetime opportunity among hundreds of applicants who came for the audition last December. The reading of the oath is the main highlight of the National Day celebration every year. “The theme ‘Visionary Generation’ emphasised that the younger generation needs to be more proactive, positive, open-minded, and have the ‘never-give-up’ spirit. It is also in line with Brunei Vision 2035, that is to have well-educated and highly skilled people as measured by the highest international standard,” Hj Abdul Hafiz said.

The Brunei Times