Tourists experience Brunei’s N-Day

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TOURISTS who were in the country yesterday had the pleasure of experiencing Brunei in celebration of the 32nd National day.

Witnessing the peoples’ march at Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien (SOAS), Polish national Janusz Zagorski said that he was very happy to have coincidentally be in Brunei during the country’s 32nd year of independence.

“We are here in Brunei for a few days only and I guess, I came here at the right time,” he said after enquiring what the occasion was about.

“Twenty or 30 years ago, Poland’s national day used to be similar to this as the military used to march but now it’s mostly people and officials,” he said, adding that it was nice to see military marching again.

Travelling alone, Tore Tonnessen from Lyngdal, Norway said he added Brunei to his holiday destination after he was told about the sultanate’s National Day celebration by hotel staff in Kota Kinabalu.

“They informed me when I was in Kota Kinabalu. I was there for two days when they told me about it so I decided to come here by boat,” he said.

“I like the nice people and the weather is good. It is hot and I like it,” he said, adding that Norway celebrations are more focused on children who mainly conduct the marches.

Nadine Schubert from Germany, who is visiting Brunei with her boyfriend Tom Prehn, said she was quite impressed with the pride of Bruneians in celebrating the country’s national day.

“Back in Germany, on our national day we don’t hold any gatherings or parades, people just enjoy the public holiday and stay at home, “she said.

She said that the national parade should be advertised more to tourists as it allows visitors to get familiar with the locals by interacting with the different groups of people gathered at the capital.

“The whole country is amazing, everyone here has welcomed us with open arms, and we even got to take pictures with some of the locals who dressed up for the parade,” added the 28-year-old.

Kryss Katsiavriades, a Londoner, said that the national day parade has become one of the highlights of his visit to Brunei, adding that the atmosphere in particular is very familiar and welcoming.

“I’m pleasantly surprised with what this country has to offer during the three days of being here. There’s a lot of things to see (and) I hope more tourists would visit and get to know this friendly country,” he said.

The 62-year-old added that Brunei’s rainforests in particular could be popular as they are pure and pristine unlike in other countries.

The Brunei Times